If u were to asked who cared 4 me from now until eternity apart from god no folk or friend or anyone but only my family.

A gift of life they gave to me and tend to it most lovingly a roof over our heads warm clothing on our beds speaks of their love for me.

In times of sickness or in health they showered on me hard earned wealth and close to me they will always be providing comfort and security

when i do a mistake make corrective actions they do take to make me pure and good and true so i could be a good parent too

my prayers will always be for thee brothers sisters mommy and daddy for life for love for security can only be given by family.


When life is upon you and you cant come around,just think about the future and how you think it gonna be,hold your head up high and touch the sky..never look down and you'll see.eveybody have got to learn from there mistakes,so dont take life for granted cause you will get hurt,you just have to grow from it and believe if you do,for its a road in life you have to take.

take your time it takes time, for when its all done you will be happy..always keep your goals in mind....and now thats its over and your hurt is all can start to play the for give game....and just forgive all the way.